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Beyond Industry Standards

Beyond Industry Standards

Despite being in a relatively young industry, as an industrial leader, we are constantly striving to set standards on how a gaming chair should be made. We pay close attention to every tiny detail; We constantly strive for perfection to build the best gaming chair possible for you. So, whether you're using it for work or leisure, you can have peace of mind knowing that your DXRacer chair has been thoroughly tested. Sit with us, sit on quality!

Gaming Chairs Gaming Chairs

Racer Gaming Chair. Inherited by the best features of racing seats and ergonomic design, Drifting racer-style gaming chair can perfectly match your setup's style and help you dominate the gaming world.

Durability and Safety Tests

Upholsteries Upholsteries
EPU Leatherette

Our newest generation of EPU leatherette is unrivaled when it comes to durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. It has been tested to exceed regular PU leatherette since it combines the best features of various leatherette samples.

Physical Tests

Chemical Tests

Water-resistant Fabric

Waterproof fabric is soft and highly resistant to water. The tight weave and compact structure of the fabric make it more resistant to tearing and wearing.

Physical Tests

Chemical Tests

Woven Fabric

Double-sided softness and resilience make woven fabric not only more long-lasting but also better for your health.

Physical Tests

Cold-Cure Foam

Our cold-cure foam provides additional comfort and support for your body. It maintains its original shape and comfort even after extended use.

Chemical Tests

Main Parts Main Parts

To move to a different sitting position, DXRacer multi-functional armrests can be adjusted vertically, forward, backward, or rotated within a small range through the adjustment button.

3D Armrest Strength & Durability Tests

4D Armrest SVHC Tests

Hydraulic Gas Piston

In accordance to the BIFMA standards certified by SGS, DXRacer Class 4 hydraulics provides maximum safety and easier height adjustability for optimal ergonomic support.

Class 4 Hydraulics Durability Test


Our heavy-duty wheelbase is built for unparalleled strength and durability and provides the perfect weight balance and body support.

Nylon Wheelbase Load Test


The PU-coated casters roll more durable than ever before on most surfaces.

60mm Caster Durability Test

75mm Caster Durability Test

Tilt Mechanism

The tilt mechanism allows you to sit at preferred angles and lock the seat in your perfect position for gaming or unwinding.

Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism Durability Test

Materials Materials