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Drifting Series Drifting Series

Drifting Series

Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

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Craft Series Craft Series

Craft Series

Upgraded Gaming Chair

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Martian Series Martian Series

Martian Series

Smart Electric Gaming Chair

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"ln 2006, DXRacer introduced the world's first gaming chair, known as the Formula Series,marking a groundbreaking milestone in the gaming industryand establishing a legendary status for gaming chairs." Wikipedia Wikipedia
"Where the Craft Series truly stands out is in the plethora of looks that the chair is designed in. From the uber-clean style of the Classic Edition to the aggressively patriotic USA Edition, you’re sure to find an option that fits your taste no matter how relaxed or over the top you’d like to go." DEXERTO DEXERTO
"The Craft Series fits like a glove thanks to high-density foam enveloped in a plush polyurethane leather." SKEWED REVIEWED SKEWED REVIEWED
''DXRacer Master Gaming Chair is something special: It's an extremely comfortable and luxurious gaming chair that can be easily customized with modular parts. Parts, such as a rotating bracket can hold a laptop.'' PCGAMER PCGAMER

IP Collaborations

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria,

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the highly anticipated new story in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators.

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror online game developed by Canadian studio Behaviour Interactive. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where one player is the Killer and the other four are Survivors.


Sit Better, Game Longer Sit Better, Game Longer

Sit Better, Game Longer

Extendable Footrest

With the adjustable footrest, you may relax in comfort! It allows you to relax from heavy work or intense gaming at any time. * NOTE: Additional Purchase Is Required.

Reclining Backrest

It's ideal to enable the rocking mode for those times when you want to unwind, watch TV or take a nap.

Safe and Durable

Constant testing beyond industrial standard. Our chairs are put through an array of tests such as stability, and load bearing. DXRacer only delivers products that are durable and safe for our users.

Ergonomic Support

The adjustable headrest and dynamic integrated lumbar support can perfectly conform to your head and back for optimal comfort and support.

4D Armrest

The 4D armrest offers dynamic support for your forearms and alleviates pressure from your shoulders by adjusting to your posture needs.

Unmatched Comfortable

Inherited by the best features of racing seats and ergonomic design, DXRacer gaming chair provides gamers and office workers with exceptional comfort and support for prolonged sitting.





4D Armrest


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The Biggest Names in Esports Choose to Collaborate with DXRacer

Extraordinary Contributions to the Esports Industry Extraordinary Contributions to the Esports Industry

Extraordinary Contributions to the Esports Industry

DXRacer Is A High-End Gaming Chair Brand That ls Trusted By Top Professional Esports Organizations. Choose DXRacer For The Ultimate Gaming Experience.

We built the first gaming chair in the world

Partner with 100+ esports tournaments and teams

Provide customized service for official partners

Valorant Champions Qualifier 2023

Valorant Champions Qualifier 2023

EVO Championship Series 2023

EVO Championship Series 2023



WCG 2013

WCG 2013





LOL EMEA Championship 2023

LoL EMEA Championship 2023

Weplay Esports 2018

Weplay Esports 2018

Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands
Favoured By Our Streamers and Influencers Favoured By Our Streamers and Influencers

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I have been extremely impressed with the level of comfort and support it provides. Compared to other chairs I've had in the past, this is the best yet. Very sturdy and well made.

High Tech Point

Extremely comfortable. it's stable and adjustable. The headrest and lumbar support provide optimal comfort and effectively maintain the correct posture of the spine.

Erik M.

This is definitely the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in, the quality is amazing, use my discount code and you can get it for the best price, take action!

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